Bellevue Heights Primary School
Department of Education and Children's Services

School  Staff  2017

Vince Mulkerin           Principal
Mary Arnold Deputy Principal
Birgit Lucas Assistant Principal Intensive English Language Centre
Veronica Sullivan IBL/ ICT Coordinator
Teaching Staff Year Levels
Margot Bradley Year 6/7 class
Simon Mueller Year 6/7 class
Vicky Bengel Year 4/5 class
Jackie Harrington Year 4/5 class
Rachael King Year 3/4 class
Steve Mallee Year 2/3 class
Jess Durdin Year 2/3 class
Debbie Spells Year 1/2 class - 3 days
Jenni Main Year 1/2 class - 2 days
Erika Petrovic Reception / Year 1 class
Sue Koschade Reception class
Michael Chancellor IELC UP Class
Mark Gibson IELC MP Class
Kirsty Ford IELC JP Class
Helen Kenneally IELC JP Class
Lauren Cole IELC JP Class
Katrina Vogt Music including School Choirs
Yvette Pinto French
Sally Baker IELC NIT Provision
Alice Rawsthron Special Needs Coordinator
Nalani Aitken EALD (English as an Additional Language)
Maressa Derry Student Welfare Worker -
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about our Student Welfare Worker
School support staff Staff
Yvonne Anderson Administration / Finance
Karen O'Dea Administration
Marie Groen Resource Centre / Community Garden Support
Tracy Pengelley Resource Centre
Louise Dono Computer Support
Kylie Dawson Special Needs Support
Gabrielle Somerford Class Support and Special Needs
Paul Hills Special Needs Support
Sheena Lee IELC Bi-Lingual School Support Officer
Mira Doorne OSHC Director / Special Needs Support
Jacqui Doorne Special Needs Support
Suzy Mills Playgroup Program / Special Needs
Chris Pegg Grounds Person