Bellevue Heights Primary School
Department of Education and Children's Services


The Australian Curriculum sets out, through content descriptions and achievement standards, what students should be taught and achieve as they progress through school.  It includes learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities that together support 21st century learning.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for the development of the Australian Curriculum from Foundation (Reception) to Year 12.  Their webpage has links for parents and you can access many general aspects of the Australian Curriculum.
Follow the link below for more information about the Australian Curriculum at

The Australian Curriculum in this process provides the frame of reference for 'what' we want our students to learn and the South Australian Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) Framework provides the learning principles that inform 'how' we design and implement quality teaching and learning.

The achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum require teachers to design assessment and make judgements of students' achievements against these common reference points.  Reporting to parents on their child's progress is through bi-annual written reports and parent/teacher interviews and families are encouraged to make individual appointments to discuss the teaching and learning program with their child's teacher.

All students attend music and French lessons with a specialist teacher and there are many opportunities to learn an instrument, sing in a choir or play in a band.  Music tutors teach private lessons in a wide range of instruments such as violin, cello, viola, guitar and keyboard during school hours.

Bellevue Heights Primary School Site Improvement Plan
The Site Improvement Plan document, which can be found on the school webpage, builds on the review of the previous year's progress and identifies priorities that will be implemented to enable continued improvement in many aspects of the school.  The school plan describes strategies and identifies specific measurable goals that we aim to achieve.  The Site Improvement Plan for Bellevue Heights Primary School is congruent with the strategic plans outlined in the DECD Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

The 2016 School Priorities are:
• Improved learning outcomes in literacy, numeracy and Science, Technology,
     Engineering and Maths (STEM).
• Personal growth and wellbeing.
• Garden, nature play and community involvement.

A Year 7 Student Statement
We believe that students who complete their schooling at Bellevue Heights Primary School will:
• Be successful in Maths, English – reading and doing problems that will equip
    them for Year 8.
• Have knowledge and understanding of our country, its history, geography and
• Learn about different countries to develop a knowledge, understanding and
    respect for people from all cultures.
• Be confident and a positive role model for others.
• Know and play a variety of sports and be physically active and healthy.
• Learn about themselves and their social world.
• Be able to develop positive relationships and social skills, working with others in
    teams, being leaders and having fun at school.
• Learn about and use the latest technology.
• Have an understanding of the need to care for the world's environment and the
    skills to meet that need.
• Be creative and learn different skills through the arts.
• Use appropriate manners and respect other people and property.
• Make friends and be a friend.